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Owner’s Report - Alice






How long has it been since you installed your new kitchen?

Two years

What has been your experience since that time using your kitchen on a daily basis?

Every day we are newly impressed by the quality of our kitchen. We have young children and the cupboards comes in for a lot of hard use. Every five minutes the doors are being opened and shut, bumped into by toddlers or having toy tractors driven across them. But the solid wood, proper carpentry and excellent hinges mean it has lasted really well. We have friends who have ordered kitchens from more expensive companies more recently than us and their's already look tatty. Ours look freshly fitted.

How did you first hear about us?

We found the company online, and I was a little nervous about ordering a kitchen from a company I hadn't heard about. However, they were very willing to chat on the phone and talk me through the process, which was very reassuring.

What attracted you to our company?

The quality and flexibility of the design. A lot of kitchen companies seem to do rather over designed cupboards that can then only be made in limited sizes and configurations. We found the excellent range of layout options combined with a really classy outer finish hard to find elsewhere without spending three times more.

Did you visit our showroom or buy from what you saw online or buy after being referred by a friend?

We bought from what we saw online.

Who did you deal with? (Karen, Myra, Jacky or Keith), and how did you find dealing with them?

We spoke with both Karen and Keith. Karen really helped us before ordering with getting to grips with how to measure up and chose options. Keith was great at talking us through the technical decisions.

How were the delivery arrangements made, and how did the actual delivery go?

Keith kindly organised for a faster delivery than normal, to fit in with our building schedule. The guys who delivered the kitchen were very helpful: really willing to make it as easy as possible for us and happy to unwrap everything so that we could check it all over before they left. Then they wrapped it all back up again!

Who did you use for installation, and how did it go in terms of the fitting of the cabinets?

Our builder fitted the kitchen for us and it all went very smoothly. He does have quite a lot of carpentry experience, which helped with getting the cupboards flush to the wall. He even commented that it he though the hinges and draw runners were of a quality he rarely saw on anything but the most expensive kitchens.

Have you referred us to any of your friends/relatives/colleagues?

So far we have recommended HandmadeKitchens-Direct.co.uk to my parents, two friends and a neighbour. My parents now have one of their kitchens in their holiday cottage and the family two doors down from us had theirs fitted last summer. The only reason I might stop recommending them is that I don't want all the neighbours to have a kitchen as nice as mine.

Finally, what would you say to anyone thinking of buying their kitchen from us?

If you want something that looks as classy as a Mark Wilkinson kitchen, is as robust and well built as a traditional welsh dresser but far more affordable than any of the big name 'bespoke' companies then I would really recommend talking to HandmadeKitchens-Direct.co.uk


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